You are about to enter the singular world of The Gaslight Troubadours…


Greetings all. Our latest release is a very special one to raise money for St. Petrock’s homeless charity in Exeter. It’s called Guilty As Charged and features Fey Pink on vocals and Jon Sevink (fiddle), Jeremy Cunningham (bass) and Dan Donnelly (guitars) from the Levellers. 


The Link to purchase it from our Bandcamp page is here: Guilty As Charged




“The Gaslight Troubadours are a gleaming undiscovered gem in our nation’s musical treasure trove. Driven by the sharp beats and DJ chops of Professor Singleton Purblind, this collection of 21st Century grooves padded in 19th Century red velvet runs the gamut from music hall knockabout to post-truth conspiracy theories. The Gaslights collective embrace 20th century influences from Tom Waits to The Andrews Sisters, with the Professor sampling everything from the mock horror of Hammer movies to French philosophy from Jiddu Krishnamurti. Stranger Swings offers us a kaleidoscopic joyride pilfering three centuries of popular culture – with a spring in its step, a twinkle in its eye and a top hat perched jauntily on its head.”

Tom Robinson (BBC Radio 6 Music)